Cor B. imported,1e Premie, Ster Friesian Stallion

Our 1e, imported 17h Ster Friesian Stallion, Cor B., is standing at stud at

Royal Grove Stables in Utah. Serving purebred and outside mares (must be papered). 

Cor has an impeccable full paper pedigree.


Reinder 452 Sport x Beart 411 Sport

Dam: Marike O., 1st Premium Ster

Foal Date: May 10, 2016

 Coefficient 0.78% 

Line 128

Cor B. is 17h, has gorgeous looks, has an athletic uphill conformation, animated movement, and has excellent

work ethic.  He loves people and has an amazing personality.

    Cor B. excels in dressage and driving. He is training 1st level. He took 10th out of 170 other Ster stallions in a Friesian stallion show in the Netherlands at age 3, he was competing against stallions up to twice his age. He has powerful impulsion and suspension.  He is breathtaking in the show ring and always gives his all.

 Cor B. was awarded STER predicate by KFPS in the Netherlands. He was then invited by the judges to participate in the KFPS 70-day Approved stallion test, which only the best of the best Ster stallions are invited to.

He did outstanding, but just came shy of missing the mark. He is of he highest-quality bred Friesians available for breeding in the US. He will throw gorgeous, athletic offspring. 

Cor B. is What Dreams Are Made Of


Cor xo.png

Our Story

Cor is  treasured gift from above. I was divinely guided to him when I was impressed to reach out to my friend in the Netherlands. She put me in touch with the elite breeder, Gaatze Mosma, who owned Cor. I fell in love with him after watching his videos and sensing his essence in his pictures. His spirit touched my soul. He's a majestic stallion, which I'm proud and grateful to call my own.  


Cor is standing at stud at Royal Grove Stables in Saratoga Springs. He is servicing (papered) purebred Friesians & outside mares.

Cor is breathtaking in and out of the show ring. He excels in dressage and driving. He has a baroque build with lots of hair.  He is loving and respectful.  He is a true gentleman with a

heart of gold!

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Cor B. Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

Imported KFPS Ster Friesian Stallion

Reinder 452 Sport x Bart 411 Sport

17h, 1st Premie

Our Team


Cor's owner & human momma. 

Rides and trains in  dressage. 

Cor's second human momma.

Rides and trains in dressage.

Cor's Dressage Trainer

Owner of Prestige Dressage

USDF Silver Medalist

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