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It is with deep sorrow that our beloved Cor the King has rejoined our heavenly home on November 26, 2023.
Th Lord and angels welcomed him home.

He will be greatly missed by all who adore him. He literally made the world a better place. He is loved and cherished beyond measure. His spirit and legacy live on!

Welcome! Royal Grove Stables was home of the world-renowned Cor the King!

We offer Cor the King merchandise for his fans and horse enthusiasts.

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Cor the King, Friesian Stallion

Our Story

Cor the King is a treasured gift from God. We are on a mission to spread love and happiness across the globe though our online communities.


We are literally a match made in heaven. I imported Cor from the Netherlands in 2020. He is a dream come true! He has sense become one with my heart and soul as our spiritual bond deepens more each day.   

He's an exceptional stallion with angelic energy. 


Our Online Family 

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Our Winning Team

Carol Whitaker, Royal Grove Stables
Madeline Mortensen, Royal Grove Stables

Cor the King's human momma.  Rides and trains in  dressage. 

Cor's second human momma.

Rides and trains in dressage.  Erika is Carol Whitaker's daughter

Cor's Dressage Trainer, she is also an Equine Photographer 

Cor the King, Royal Grove Stables

Carol & Cor the King with her daughter and her horse, Ziggy. :)

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