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Thank you for choosing Cor the King aka Cor B. for your breeding program.

He throws outstanding offspring! 


About Cor the King:

Cor has an impeccable full paper pedigree. His sire and dam both have outstanding offspring with high awards and predicates to their names. 

Reinder 452 Sport x Beart 411 Sport x Aan 416

Dam: Marike O., 1st Premium Ster

Foal Date: May 10, 2016

 Coefficient 0.78% , Line 128


Cor the King is has it all! He has striking beauty,  mega hair, athletic conformation, long legs, animated movement, is highly talented in dressage, and has excellent work ethic.  He  has elite mares to his name and has several foals on the ground . He has an amazingly playful, puppy dog personality.


 He was awarded 1e premie as a foal and then STER Predicate by the KFPS judges in the Netherland. He was also trained to drive.

He is of the highest-quality bred Friesians in the US.  He was bred to be a top dressage sport horse.  

Cor the King is What Dreams Are Made Of!

Breeding Fees:

Booking Fee: $400.00 (non-refundable)

Stud Fee: $2,000.00 

 Collection & Shipping: $500.00

TOTAL:$2,900.00 If paid by check or Venmo

TOTAL: $3,000.00 if paid by PayPal or credit card


Method of Cover:  Artificial insemination (AI). Fresh semen will be shipped via FedEX overnight. 

Breeding fees must be paid in full  prior to collection. 

We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, and PayPal.

If you choose to pay via credit card or PayPal (a 3.5% fee applies).


Ordering Fresh Chilled Semen:


The following information will assist you in understanding ordering fresh chilled semen.  


To reserve your mare, contact us to receive a breeding contract, and pay the

non-refundable $400.00 booking fee.

The stud fee and collection/shipping fees musts be paid two weeks prior to the collection date.  Fresh chilled semen is shipped FedEx on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 


A 48-hour advance notice needs to be made to schedule a date for collection to confirm mare is ready for AI and another notification needs to be made the day before to confirm collection date.  


Please have your mare checked by an equine vet that specializes in reproduction prior to collection. Mare(s) must be in good health. If your mare needs to be rechecked a few days before collection, please let us know a day in advance.


Method of Shipment


The cooled semen will be shipped overnight via FedEx to the address on the signed contract. 

Our veterinarian will package two doses.

Cor B. aka Cor the King

Cor B. Ster Friesian Stallion aka

Reinder 458 Sport x Beart 411 Sport

Dam: Marike O. 1e premie Ster

Foal date: May 10, 2016

Imported 1e premie, 16.3h

Training 2nd level in dressage, trained to drive

Cor the King  was bred for dressage.

He is an excellent FEI  prospect. 

Cor the King aka Cor B.

Cor B. took 10th place out of 170 Friesian stallions at a stallion competition in the Netherlands.

Thank you for your interest in breeding to our prized stallion. We are excited to see Cor B.'s show and breeding. He throws gorgeous, talented offspring.


Cor's athletic conformation is elite.  It's rare to find a KFPS 1e Premie, Ster Friesian stallion in the US who is built specifically for dressage. His long legs, medium length back, uphill build, forward animated movements, and impressive hind-end movements enables him to overtrack  by 6" . He is an elite stallion with exceptional movement. His amazing bridge of engagement over his topline is rare to find in a Friesian.

He is also a complete gentleman with an amazing personality.

He is truly one of a kind! 

He  is always a eye-catcher at shows and is a high point winner. 

He was born to shine!  His offspring are, too! 

Cor  B. aka Cor the King
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